Istria is the biggest peninsula of the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, situated in its northeast. It is intersected by the 45th parallel and the 14th meridian. The northern border of Istria is approximately the road Trieste – Rijeka. The bigger part of Istria is situated in Croatia, the smaller in Slovenia, while the city of Muggia with the surrounding countryside is in Italy. The area is relatively small (a little more than 3556 square kilometres) but despite that it is morphollogically very diverse.
From the geological point, Istria is divided  into White, Grey and Red Istria. The White Istria is represented by the Karst mountain-massif Ćićarija and the mountain Učka which has the highest mountain top Vojak (1396m). Spreading to the south-west are gentle hills (top Pilošćak, 480 m), flysch and marley area of the Grey Istria, while under the line Savudria – Pazin – Plomin  is the Red Istria with calcareous (limestone-) soil covered with red ground. Rivers and streams are short (the river Mirna extends 50 km).

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